Resource Pack

Dog Skills For Humans

Fear & Anxiety Chart

Coaching Blueprint

Reactive Dog Guide

Client Intake Forms

Bite Inhibition

Puppy Handling Checklist

Dog History Form

Recall Training Schedule

Calming Signals

Puppy Development Deadlines

Dog Trainer Resource Pack

The canine coach/dog trainer resource pack is a fully comprehensive set of dog training resources to support all your assessment, action plan, client and canine learning needs.

This pack makes information gathering, canine behaviour assessment and dog training plans straightforward and swift. It also contains beautiful, visual resources which make explaining the reasons behind dog behaviour and canine learning easy. Packed full of handouts, week to week plans, explanations and body language charts this is the ultimate resource pack for the new and experienced canine coach, dog training professional or canine behaviour counsellor.

Simply download the pack, print it off and you will have a perfect file of dog training resources for every canine behaviour consultation.

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