Choosing a puppy is an exciting time, yet fraught with risk. Whilst most people now know that puppy farms exist we still see hundreds of tiny dogs for sale on classifieds, online and in pet stores every single day. We live in a society looking for instant gratification and puppy farmers know this so are breeding dogs as quickly, cheaply and ruthlessly as possible.

Even when people see that a puppy is obviously from a puppy farm, they end up taking it anyway and often see it as a rescue case. This perpetuates the cycle for each puppy successfully sold is another litter bred. Let’s take a look at the madness behind the ads.


Puppy Choice = Parents Life

Life is poor in a puppy farm. Breeding dogs are unable to maintain a healthy body. Food is poor and water is limited. Basic shelter from temperature and weather can be scarce. There is lack of comfort, resting places and safe areas. It’s difficult for dogs to interact with each other and all human contact is negative.

Puppy and Parent Stress

Stress is not a psychological, temporary state but an all-encompassing illness. Puppy farm parents are highly stressed in the long term and this affects both their bodies and their unborn puppies. Here’s how it works.

The dog experiences a stressful situation and her body automatically reacts, to protect her from the threat.

The related hormones are damaging to the mother and prepare unborn puppies for a stressful world. Dogs who live in puppy farms unable to recover between bouts of stress and mothers living in constant stress are more likely to produce puppies who are unable to suppress stress well or cope in stressful situations.

Puppy Development - Certificate Course

Sickness And Anxiety!

One of the stress hormones is cortisol. The release of cortisol assists the dog with physical and psychological stress by prioritising the essential bodily functions whilst suppressing digestion and immunity. Sickness will develop through immune system suppression. Puppy farm mothers never stop being stressed and whilst they are reproducing puppies, that are naturally developing ready for a terrifying world, their own bodies and minds are crumbling.

Scientific research is showing that puppies born to stressed mothers or mothers who have experienced acute stress during their pregnancy are likely to show inhibited motor & learning development and inhibited and abnormal exploratory, play, social, sexual and maternal behaviour.

The devastating effects of the puppy farm never leave a dog, or her puppies and this is exactly why we don’t buy puppies from anywhere but the best breeder or a rescue centre, regardless of how tempting it might be.

To learn good puppy choice and management, take a look at our available puppy courses. 


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