If a dog trainer says you ” need to be alpha” here’s why to run the other way and be sure to take your dog with you.

Alpha dog trainers can and do, cause aggression, injury and fear that the dog cannot recover from. The treatment is triggered by a belief that dogs want to rule the home and everyone in it.

It’s based on a disproven scientific theory. 

Any belief that the dog needs to be bossed or be the boss is far too simplistic in comparison to the complex creature that is man’s best friend. When we assume that all dogs are simply desperate to take the role of leader we disallow all of the most recent scientific findings which provide proof that dogs have individual personalities and problem solving capacity well beyond that which we first thought.

Followers of the alpha method also assume that dogs are incapable of any emotional response or feeling, when kind experimentation over the last few years is showing that dogs do indeed possess an emotional capacity, perhaps not one identical to that of humans but an emotional capacity

Canine Coaching Diploma

If we believe that the dog is trying to take over the home and pass that belief across to dog owners we place them into a very awkward position. We make people believe that they must take control of the dog in their home. Worse still some trainers state that the dog owner must use any ‘necessary’ force to do just that. This is the type of dog trainer that uses tools of unkindness to attempt to show the dog owner how to regain control.

It’s a double betrayal, to dogs and the people that love them.

When dogs are trained in the way that stems from this approach they are usually completely confused, scared and often go into an emotional shutdown. Which some trainers triumphantly claim as “submission” as a result of their skilled approach.

In reality the emotional shutdown is a manifestation of learned helplessness where the dog feels that he has no control over the treatment that he is receiving so just gives up and shuts down his emotions in order to wait the treatment out, in the hope that it goes away.

Who would want to put their dog in that position? Sadly people do every day because they went to the wrong dog trainer and were told it was neccessary.

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