Canine Behaviour Professional Diploma


What exactly influences dog behaviour and why should we look much deeper to understand the actions of man’s best friend?


Canine Reactive Behaviour - Advanced Certificate Course


An understanding of canine anxiety and stress in dogs, that leads to dramatic reaction towards environmental triggers, how and why some dogs struggle socially, social learning and an overview of canine aggression.


Canine Coaching Diploma


Are you looking to work with dogs? Perhaps you would like to become self-employed and create your own canine focused business?


Canine Anatomy & Physiology - Certificate Course


Canine anatomy and physiology studies the physical structure of the canine body and how it works. The course contains detailed explanations of the cellular activity, organs, systems and processes that keep the dog’s body fit, active and healthy.


Search Dog Handler - Diploma Course


The Search Dog Handler Diploma course is a comprehensive and fascinating exploration of canine scentwork training and the many roles that professional handlers and their dogs hold today.


Dog Walking & Canine Care Professional – Accredited Diploma Course


Dog walking is a fast-growing industry with more and more of us seeking out a true professional to understand our dogs needs and provide a quality experience.


Scentwork Enrichment – Certificate Course


Dogs experience their world through a highly developed olfactory system. The ability to detect the smallest scent has long been utilised to our advantage, but how can we take this knowledge and use it to provide stimulation and enrichment for our dogs?


Canine Nutrition and Health – Certificate Course


Suitable for canine guardians and people that work with dogs on a professional basis. This course will teach you the nutritional needs of a dog along with the physiology and anatomy of canine well-being.


Canine Reactive Behaviour Course

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Canine Reactive Behaviour Advanced Certificate Course

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Dogs and Children – Certificate Course

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Canine Anatomy & Physiology
Certificate Course

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