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Canine Principles

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can study with Canine Principles?

Everyone! Our courses are designed to educate anyone who has an interest in understanding dogs. Whether you are a dog guardian, part-time dog walker, doggy day care centre, groomer, trainer or just love to learn – you and the dogs in your care will benefit from studying with Canine Principles.

What methods does Canine Principles teach?

Canine Principles teaches only force-free, positive methods that promote mental and physical well-being for dogs. Our courses occasionally discuss the use of other training methods, with the intention of providing education in why these approaches are ineffective.

Can I enrol now and begin study later?

Yes. Many of our students have taken advantage of our great prices, safe in the knowledge that they can begin studying just as soon as they are ready.

Is it OK, if I haven’t studied for years?

Absolutely. Our growing student group contains people from all walks of life. We welcome students of any age, previous education and experience.

How are courses offered at such a great price?

We believe that a quality education should be made available to everyone at an affordable price. Our own experience of further education taught us that the highest priced course doesn’t always provide the best education. Our mission is to empower dog guardians and professionals with the right information at the best price.

How will my learning be supported?

You will receive positive, personal feedback from tutors who are always available to answer any questions and guide you through your learning experience. Students are also encouraged to support each other, through access to a private study group where discussions and new information are shared daily.

Can I learn at my own pace?

Yes. We appreciate that life comes with its own distractions. All our courses are designed for you to learn at your own pace. Canine Principles believes each student should get the most from their learning experience and that includes learning at a pace that suits you.

Are courses available internationally?

Yes. We currently have students and graduates from 25 countries. Online learning allows us to support all students, no matter where in the world you may be.*

*All courses are written in the English language.

Will I need to travel for assessments?

Our courses are entirely theory based, distance learning so there is no need to travel for assessments.

How will I receive my course?

Courses are provided as a digital download PDF course book. Downloads are available from the Student Login. All course materials, modules and assessments are included.

Are courses assessed?

Yes. Courses are assessed at the end of each module.

Diploma Courses

Each module of a diploma course typically includes a set of 10 revision questions, followed by an exercise. Revision questions look at the individual subjects from each module. Exercises are presented as a practical or theory question that represent the whole module.

The final assessment for a diploma course, brings together learning from all modules, in the form of a thesis.

Certificate Course

For each module, certificate courses typically include 5-10 revision questions. Revision questions look at the individual subjects from each module.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes. Canine Principles graduates receive hard copy certificates*, a digital certificate pack and a certification badge for your website and social media.

*Hard copy certificates only available for diploma courses.

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