How do you feel when you are conversing with someone that doesn’t listen? It’s frustrating and energy robbing isn’t it? Thankfully we can usually walk away and breathe a sigh of relief. Now, imagine being a dog that lives with people who never listen, what a life!

All dogs have personality, are individuals and have preferences. Each dog we know is unique, magically, perfectly unique. Yet so often they are misread, misinterpreted, struggled with and they lose the chance to just be. I thought this today as our Yorkiepom raced out of the house barking madly. She’s loud, well she is a Pom, she’s stubborn and wilful. She’s perfect. To people looking on she is noisy and a real pain in the ass. Yet, it’s who she is and she has something to say!

We often place expectations on our dogs. We label their behaviours, we even label them. We consider a good dog to be the one who accepts everything meekly and never puts a paw out of place. We consider a bad dog to be the one who shows individuality. A dog that asks for his needs to be fulfilled, is considered demanding. I urge you to take a moment now and ask yourself how well you really know your dog. Is your view of him accurate, or is it your projection of who and how he should be?

Do you know what he likes, do you listen with your eyes when he communicates? Dogs are deliciously individual animals. They like things and dislike others, they prefer things and disregard others. Dogs fear things and enjoy others, they get bored and excited. Our dogs are communicating with us every single day and they do it in multiple ways. Ask and watch, your dog will tell you what he likes, wants and needs.

Don’t be that exhausting person that can’t listen.

Finally, ask yourself, do your dog’s requests get lost in translation?


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