Dogs Catch Flu Too!

Jack Frost is here! When I opened the curtains this morning to see a crystalline sheet of frost cast across the garden, I got wrapped up in my woollies, pulled on my fleece-lined boots and took myself out into the icy brightness. Chester, my dog, wore his coat too -...

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Electric Dog Collars – Training or Torture?

Electric dog training collars are a topic of debate in Scotland today. Unlike the Welsh government, Scottish MP’s have chosen not to ban the act of using electricity directly on dogs. Choosing instead to add an element of regulation to them, read on to see why we need a total ban.

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Explore Canine Enrichment – For Dog’s Sake!

Canine enrichment is taking the dog world by storm just now, but what is it and how can you get involved? The act of enriching your dog’s life is a vital part of canine guardianship. We know so much about the dog’s mind nowadays that we can’t possibly think a walk and...

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Dog Behaviour Advice – Recall!

Dog behaviour advice is unregulated, so are dog trainers and those that have chosen to interpret between dogs and their people. The problem with this, is the myths. Some people that have appointed themselves advisors are making things more complicated. They...

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