Put the screen away for ten minutes and go and sit with your dog. Ask him gently how he is feeling then look for those tiny expressions as he answers you. Speak to him as the friend that he is. Rub the spots on his body that he likes you to rub the most, but only if he asks you to.

If he brings you a toy, play. Or discuss the toy with him, like he has fetched you the most precious thing in the world. Look for his smile and turn it into a laugh. Laugh with him. Ask him how you can help him to be happy, relax and be fulfilled.

If he offers a behaviour, say thank you. If he doesn’t just thank him anyway, for his constant devotion, for being your friend, unquestioningly and unconditionally. Thank him and thank yourself for being so over-awed by the love of one small individual from a totally different species.

Holistic Canine Behaviour Diploma

Virtual Clicker Course – Class One

Clicker training is based in the movement toward kindness and gentleness to our animal friends and is a fun way to properly get to know your dog.

Your Dog – The Look of Love!

Does your dog love you? The answer is in his eyes!

Don’t Be An Alpha Dog – Here’s Why!

When dogs are trained in the way that stems from this approach they are usually completely confused, scared and often go into an emotional shutdown. Which some trainers triumphantly claim as “submission” as a result of their skilled approach.

Dog Behaviour – Reactive or Aggressive?

What is the difference between a reactive dog and an aggressive one? Should we use the term reactive dog at all, and what does it matter anyway?

Dog Training – When It’s Fine Not To!

Dog training is not always necessary. Meeting a dog’s needs is more important than giving your dog a lifestyle which creates an opening for training.

Dog Behaviour – Canine Emotion

It’s amazing to think that dogs were once considered to be clone like creatures, each with an identical nature and set of needs.

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