Put the screen away for ten minutes and go and sit with your dog. Ask him gently how he is feeling then look for those tiny expressions as he answers you. Speak to him as the friend that he is. Rub the spots on his body that he likes you to rub the most, but only if he asks you to.

If he brings you a toy, play. Or discuss the toy with him, like he has fetched you the most precious thing in the world. Look for his smile and turn it into a laugh. Laugh with him. Ask him how you can help him to be happy, relax and be fulfilled.

If he offers a behaviour, say thank you. If he doesn’t just thank him anyway, for his constant devotion, for being your friend, unquestioningly and unconditionally. Thank him and thank yourself for being so over-awed by the love of one small individual from a totally different species.

Canine Communication For Humans

How can we tell what a dog is saying? We learn Canine Communication.

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My Dog Pulls – The Key To Easy Dog Walks!

The neck and throat are sensitive areas, the windpipe is placed under pressure when a dog pulls on the collar, the natural reaction to feeling vulnerable in this way is to try and escape, hence more pulling.

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An Open Letter to Stan Lee

“he is much like McDonald’s, but we wouldn’t use their commercial success as a basis for educating children about proper nutrition”

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Canine Play – Is Everyone Having Fun?

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Dear Dog Walker – My Dog Doesn’t!

We can lose a full week of successful stress management to the presence of an unruly, unmanaged strange dog that approaches our scared friend and bounces around, whilst sending everyone’s stress levels through the roof.

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