With only 8 weeks until Christmas, puppy farms will be producing their biggest litters of the year to meet the demand for Christmas gift puppies! We all know what kind of conditions a farmed dog has to struggle with on a daily basis, but what can we do?

Why not rescue a dog? Whether you are actively looking for a new dog friend or thinking of adding to your canine clan, rescuing a dog will change your life in so many positive ways. Even if you already live with dogs and are not sure whether you have space for another, read on.

90 Is Old for A Human

It is, even if we live to 100 we are likely to be limited in how many dogs we can look after, no matter how sprightly we are. So, doing the maths, if we only have one dog at a time we only really get to properly know on average 7-9 individual beautiful animals. Yet if we double up, that’s 14 or more, treble … get the picture? Why on earth would we rob ourselves of all that love?

There’s A Rescue Dog for Every Home

We are so lucky having dogs as our best friends. All of those potential best buddies who offer something different to a relationship. Matched carefully and given the chance to settle in, there is truly is a rescue dog that can fit into any home. We are fortunate enough to be well aware of dog individuality nowadays, giving us the opportunity to find the exact right dog for us, with very little risk.

Dog Walkers Are Everywhere!

It’s true, there are at least 5 in my town and the ones I know are brilliant. Dog walking, doggy day care and pet sitters make it possible to have dogs even with a longer working day. Long and lonely days are not good for dogs but bring in a dog walker or drop them off at a carefully chosen day care and they will be quite happy.

Falling in Love Again.

When you live with a dog. Particularly a rescue dog you fall in love. I defy anyone to deny it. You get to know each other, start to share experiences and humour then one day you find yourself gazing at that dog, whilst they are gazing back, then you say the three little words. Falling in love with a dog is made ever sweeter when they are rescued because their love comes with the added development of trust, something they may never have felt for a human before in their life.

The Eyes Have It!

Gazing into a dog’s eyes releases oxytocin which is a bonding hormone. The release of this hormone not only gives us the feeling of love but is also proven to release stress and anxiety in humans. Isn’t that amazing!

A Clear Conscience

When you choose to rescue, you avoid being part of a disturbing reality. The fact that thousands of unwanted dogs die every week purely because they have nowhere to go. Every litter bred either adds to the unwanted dog population or prevents a rescue dog finding a home and there is no denying that. When you choose to rescue a dog you can be certain that you made the right moral choice.

Free Therapy!

The beauty of a dog is their ability to listen without speaking, to hear without judging and to be a true friend, no strings attached. A dog is most certainly a therapist and will always be, for the rest of his life.
Stress anxiety and depression are paramount in our society and psychologists tell us that the first step away from rumination (negative thought cycles) is to focus on the needs of another. A rescue dog will need help to feel secure and safe, sometimes forever if they have been let down badly. What a wonderful, loyal and rewarding focus the rescue dog can provide.

Your Self-Esteem Will Go Through the Roof!

It’s impossible to rehabilitate a scared or abandoned dog without liking yourself that little bit more. With the throwaway society that we live in and its image obsessed messages I’m surprised we are not all emotional wrecks. When there is one fragile little life (that you saved) a life that looks towards you for reassurance, comfort and stability, you realise how much love and compassion that you have to give, which in turn is great for your self-esteem.

You're A Lifesaver

There is no doubt that if you rescue a dog you have saved lives. Even if someone else would have taken that particular dog, there’s a cycle to these things. When you take a dog, another takes its place in the foster or rescue centre. Positively speaking, when you bring home a rescue dog you are actually saving two lives. The one you bring home and the one that takes the rescue space it occupied.

Positive Psychology!

Positive psychology is taking the Western World by storm. Studies have shown how we can actually remould our brain and thought processes using meditation, CBT, mindfulness and conscious awareness.

Rescuing a dog brings all of these into action. We take long walks with them in nature, they make us laugh, their progress towards settling in and trusting us along with teaching them to relax brings engagement and they are bundles of happiness.

Rescuing a dog is one of the very best things you can do, not only for the dog but for yourself. So why not step into some good times, good energy and one of the biggest achievements of your life and see which life you can save today?

(PS. I forgot to say, your husband will get used to the idea)

Thanks for reading.

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