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Would you like to learn more about dogs?
Our selection of online dog behaviour courses is the perfect place to start, whether you’re a dog lover,
rescue volunteer or canine professional.
We’ve got a course for you.

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Canine Behaviour Professional Diploma

What exactly influences dog behaviour and why should we look much deeper to understand the actions of man’s best friend?
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Canine Coaching Diploma

Are you looking to work with dogs? Perhaps you would like to become self-employed and create your own canine focused business?
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Search Dog Handler - Diploma Course

The Search Dog Handler Diploma course is a comprehensive and fascinating exploration of canine scentwork training and the many roles that professional handlers and their dogs hold today.

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Canine Anatomy & Physiology - Certificate Course

Canine anatomy and physiology studies the physical structure of the canine body and how it works. The course contains detailed explanations of the cellular activity, organs, systems and processes that keep the dog’s body fit, active and healthy.

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Rescue Dog Cognition & Rehabilitation Diploma

Why do dogs from a rescue background require extra understanding? A course designed for canine professionals, inclusive of canine coaches, dog trainers and people that work in a rescue
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Scentwork Enrichment – Certificate Course

Dogs experience their world through a highly developed olfactory system. The ability to detect the smallest scent has long been utilised to our advantage, but how can we take this knowledge and use it to provide stimulation and enrichment for our dogs?

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Dog Walking and Canine Care Professional Diploma

Dog walking is a fast-growing industry with more and more of us seeking out a true professional to understand our dogs needs and provide a quality experience
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Canine Nutrition and Health – Certificate Course

Suitable for canine guardians and people that work with dogs on a professional basis. This course will teach you the nutritional needs of a dog along with the physiology and anatomy of canine well-being.
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What do our Students Say?

Stacy Thomson

I am thoroughly enjoying the Canine coaching course. It’s great to have something to work towards. The material is great and the resources and support is great! They are quick with responses and marking assignments with greater feedback. All in all a great experience!

Helen McCullough

I highly recommend this fantastic course. It is extremely well written and informative with detailed content covering both science and theory. It has provided me with indepth knowledge and increased my confidence and skills when working with dogs. The tutor support and feedback was excellent and you never had to wait long for a response. Can’t wait to do another course with Canine principles.

Tina Duncan

The course is fantastic and I couldnt be happier. The ongoing  support is second to none. Daily blogs, information and encouragement make studying alot of fun. Canine principles are always willing and happy to help and you can tell how much genuine love and passion has been invested in this. Highly recommended.

Christina Young

The material was well presented and the questions were relevant and thought provoking. The  support group is very positive and active with frequent relvant articles to read. The feedback from my assignments was amazingly prompt and contained individualized and supportive comments. I recommend the course to anyone with an interest in working with dogs!

Fiona Gemmell

The registration process was quick and easy, and course materials arrived promptly. Courses are well constructed, covering a great range of topics with a good depth of knowledge as well as links to allow optional additional study. Assessments are quickly marked and returned with useful and encouraging feedback. I’m very pleased to recommend Canine Principles.

Mary Daniel

Absolutely the best. They are always quick to respond to any questions and very, very helpful no matter what the issue. Would highly recommend them.

Jeni Aston

The course content reflects and pushes for continued reading and research, promoting active questioning and learning. Tutors encourage questioning and discussion around points and do not expect all module answers to reflect the course material, allowing for creative and forward thinking. Both supportive and encouraging throughout the learning process.

Tracey Venn

An amazing, well put together course. I was hooked from the first sentence and couldn’t put it down. The feedback was quick too and really detailed. I’d recommend this course for anyone who wants to or is already working with dogs!

Diana Kastner

I love dogs, and I love to learn. But I also have a demanding full-time job. Canine Principles allows me to combine my passions with a busy work schedule, and it guides me towards a much desired carrier change … hopefully in the not so far future. As I have always observed animals and the ways in which they behave, this course is a fantastic way for me to finetune my knowledge and skills. I absolutely love it!!!

Service Dog Mentors

Canine Principles has put together a comprehensive course highlighting the best of the best in dog training and well-being. It’s hard to imagine that anyone taking this course could possibly be disappointed.

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Puppy Choice – Select With Your Eyes Open!

Choosing a puppy is an exciting time, yet fraught with risk. Whilst most people now know that...
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About Us...

Canine Principles exists to offer high quality educational resources to people that want to better understand dogs. Whether you live with dogs and want to truly know them, currently work with them or planning a whole new career based around helping people and their canine companions, we can help.

We will fully support you through a qualification that will implement a fantastic, positive career and life change. Our high quality courses are written by qualified, accredited dog behaviourists and based fully upon ethical, scientific awareness of dogs and all things canine.

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