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230 Students Enrolled

Packed full of scientific dog behaviour knowledge and conscientious canine awareness, this is the place to start your new career, right away. This tutored and certified course is the education you need, to become a highly successful canine coach – like dog training but better. more>>> 

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An advanced understanding course of the domestic dog and their behaviour. This is a fully comprehensive, theoretical course, designed for people with prior study that wish to introduce behaviour theory and applied behaviour into their skill set when understanding and working with dogs. more>>> 

Search Dog Handler – Accredited Diploma Course

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This course will show you how to understand the behaviour of scent itself and work with a dog within a mutually beneficial team. You will learn how to work alongside the dog’s flawless sense of smell in roles such as tracking, item search, people search and even cadaver detection. more>>>

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Canine anatomy and physiology studies the physical structure of the canine body and how it works. The course contains detailed explanations of the cellular activity, organs, systems and processes that keep the dog’s body fit, active and healthy. more>>>

Canine Behaviour Professional Diploma


What exactly influences dog behaviour and why should we look much deeper to understand the actions of man’s best friend?


Canine Reactive Behaviour - Advanced Certificate Course


An understanding of canine anxiety and stress in dogs, that leads to dramatic reaction towards environmental triggers, how and why some dogs struggle socially, social learning and an overview of canine aggression.


Canine Coaching Diploma


Are you looking to work with dogs? Perhaps you would like to become self-employed and create your own canine focused business?


Canine Anatomy & Physiology - Certificate Course


Canine anatomy and physiology studies the physical structure of the canine body and how it works. The course contains detailed explanations of the cellular activity, organs, systems and processes that keep the dog’s body fit, active and healthy.


Search Dog Handler - Diploma Course


The Search Dog Handler Diploma course is a comprehensive and fascinating exploration of canine scentwork training and the many roles that professional handlers and their dogs hold today.


Dog Walking & Canine Care Professional – Accredited Diploma Course


Dog walking is a fast-growing industry with more and more of us seeking out a true professional to understand our dogs needs and provide a quality experience.


Scentwork Enrichment – Certificate Course


Dogs experience their world through a highly developed olfactory system. The ability to detect the smallest scent has long been utilised to our advantage, but how can we take this knowledge and use it to provide stimulation and enrichment for our dogs?


Canine Nutrition and Health – Certificate Course


Suitable for canine guardians and people that work with dogs on a professional basis. This course will teach you the nutritional needs of a dog along with the physiology and anatomy of canine well-being.


What do our Students Say?

Liz Evers - Happy Tails

I decided to register for this course as I have set up my own dog services business and wanted another string to my bow. Not only will it help for future business development but it has helped me understand my own dogs , I feel I have a better relationship with them now I have this Knowledge. I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to work with dogs whether professionally or as an owner. The course content was informative, easy to read and digest and the assessments are achievable. Submitted work is marked promptly, the feedback is positive, constructive and encouraging. I will definitely complete another course with Canine Principles.  

Online Dog Behaviour Courses

Canine Coaching – Diploma Course

Fiona Gemmell - The DogMa

  Surely a must for every dog owner and canine professional! This vet-written course assumes no prior medical knowledge and so is in no way daunting. It moves methodically through the many hazards, signs of illness, and injuries dog may suffer and gives clear and simple but detailed information on what to look for, how to provide primary care, and when it’s necessary to get to the vet.   

Online Dog Behaviour Courses

Canine First Aid – Certificate Course

Sarah Whiteley - Boots and Paws

  This course is amazing, I have learnt so much. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to learn and understand dogs.  

Online Dog Behaviour Courses

Holistic Canine Behaviour – Diploma Course

Rhiannon Kay - Sensitive Souls

   The flexible course format (study at your own pace, submit assignments when you’re ready) meant I could complete the diploma alongside my other commitments and not feel overwhelmed! A huge benefit is the online study group which made me feel part of a learning and working community and gave me a sort of ‘real world’ context. The biggest surprise was the amount of confidence the diploma gave me in starting my business. I’m sure I’ll refer back to the course material in the future too.  

Online Dog Behaviour Courses

Dog Walking & Canine Care – Diploma Course

Amanda Blatch - Happy Buddies

  I have done a number of courses with Canine Principles and each and every one has been brilliant. This was no exception. It was well laid out, the modules were informative, well written and understandable. I have learnt a lot from this course and looking forward to putting my new knowledge into practice with my clients and during my puppy classes. Highly recommend it and the support team are second to none with the marking of modules coming back very quickly.  

Online Dog Behaviour Courses

Puppy Development, Care and Coaching – Diploma Course

Nicola Hodgson - Unleashed Pawtential

  I loved this course. It teaches the basics of how the dogs nose works, forms a fun training plan, and teaches about how scent moves in the environment. Very insightful.  

Online Dog Behaviour Courses

Scentwork Enrichment – Certificate Course

Angela Rowland - Bone Canis

  Great course for anyone who has a senior dog or works with them. It helps you to learn what to look out for as your dog gets older. The course is very well written with lots of information and easy to understand.  

Online Dog Behaviour Courses

Senior Dog Care – Certificate Course

Patricia Templeton

  The reading material is clearly written, logically structured and presented, and easy to follow. It gives a great basic grounding in the issues faced by rescue dogs, the behavioural aspects that may hinder an easy transition to a forever home, and lots of positive advice on training and building a bond with your dog.
There are no tricks in the assessment questions, you are asked to demonstrate your knowledge and you will be surprised at how much you had forgotten you knew!
As a proud guardian of a rescue dog, I would highly recommend this course to anyone with (or considering) inviting a rescue dog to be part of their lives.  

Online Dog Behaviour Courses

Rescue Dog Awareness – Certificate Course

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Canine Principles offers online dog courses teaching canine coaching, behaviour, dog health and well-being.

We exist to provide specialist, canine professional and dog guardian focussed learning at an affordable cost.

Our students are 800+ strong, working with us from over 25 countries and we are adding to that number every day. We are a team and family business that works for the best benefit of our students, who we also consider our friends.

Canine Principles is a successful canine education resource, designed to make quality theoretical and CPD learning affordable, accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

We have a course for you, check out our range and don’t overlook the packages with further discounts.

We will fully support you through an externally accredited qualification that will implement a fantastic, positive career and life change. Our top-quality courses are written by qualified dog behaviourists, veterinarians and experts in their niche fields. Everything we produce is based upon ethical, scientific awareness of dogs.

Our company mission is to continue to provide the best, kindest, most accurate and science-based learning opportunity at the lowest possible price, for the benefit of dogs and their people. Join us today.

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